Runtown gets pet lion

Written by on November 19, 2018

Singer Douglas Jack Agu better known as Runtown, has acquired new pet lion. The singer took to his Instagram account on Sunday to announce the news.

“Say hi to my pet Lion,” wrote Runtown who recently dropped a new single titled ‘Oh Oh Oh.’

“What should we call him?”

In the video which he posted, he is seen feeding the white lion cub from a bottle, before he starts to stoke and pet it.

Different commenters suggested names such as ‘Runlion’, ‘Archer’,’SoundGod’, ‘Ivory’ and ‘Rolex’ for the lion.


Also, some commenters such as gray.gram and muyidgreat opined that it was a risky venture keeping a lion as pet. They said ‘He go chop You las las’ and ‘I hope you are ready to run when it comes of age’ respectively.

White lions are a rarity and are expensive.

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