Kim Kardashian: Kanye West ‘upset’ over my revealing selfies

Written by on November 22, 2018

It might surprise some of her 120m followers, but Kim Kardashian says that Kanye West isn’t always a fan of the revealing selfies she posts online.

The reality star told Ellen DeGeneres she sometimes agrees to post “conservative” photos on Instagram after listening to her husband’s concerns.

“Sometimes I really need to get something out if I’m feeling good about myself or I’ve been working out really hard. And I’ll post something, and he’ll get upset. It’s a cycle,” she said.

But critics say that the influential couple have no right to dictate any aspect of each other’s behaviour.


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“It’s her Instagram, so he doesn’t have a right to say what she posts,” body positivity coach Michelle Elman tells Radio 1 Newbeat.


“I think it’s controlling and it’s also a bit of jealousy. She puts her body out there, and I do think that he doesn’t have any right to control her. It’s not his prerogative to say that.”

Kim’s situation is one that lifestyle blogger Jessica Constanti, who lives in Brighton, can relate to.

Before getting engaged she says her fiance wasn’t entirely happy with her Instagram posts.

“There would be some heated disagreements with selfies on my Instagram and Instagram Stories – such as bikini-clad shots on holiday or perhaps times where there’s been a little too much chest out on display,” she says.

“But the reason I post images like that isn’t to fish for compliments from friends or even strangers – it’s something a tad vainer.


“I’d take a look at the picture I just took and give myself a bit of a pat on the back. It was in a ‘You still got it girl’ kind of way.”

Jessica says her pictures aren’t just for the internet – they’re for her husband too.

“I feel very happy and content within my relationship but it is always a little fun to post a picture that will make my partner give it a double take.”

Jessica says that her husband was “just being a normal guy”.

“Now we have become engaged these arguments no longer happen, mainly because my engagement ring is in the image. My images haven’t changed that much but it’s just a shift in attitude within the relationship.”


She adds: “He was just being a normal guy worried about other random men checking out his girlfriend. Now he looks at it as if, ‘Yeah that’s my wife to be, doesn’t she look good?'”

Michelle became a respected voice on body positivity after proudly showing off the scars that arose from 15 operations to treat medical conditions including a punctured intestine, an obstructed bowel and a brain cyst.

When it comes to Kim and Kanye, she thinks the latest comments could just reflect their very close relationship.

“She’s spoken quite a lot about Kanye being her creative muse and that she really values his opinion,” she says.

But Michelle insists that comments like Kanye’s can be viewed as a “warning sign” of an emotionally abusive relationship.


“Although when I say it’s a red flag I mean that I personally wouldn’t want that for my relationship.

“I don’t think it’s acceptable to dictate what someone posts… and I think that will transfer to other areas of life. If they’re controlling what I wear out of the house, then that’s a red flag.”

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