Written by on March 9, 2022

Gideon Okeke, a Nollywood actor, claims that despite working like slaves, actors in the Nigerian film industry are underpaid.

Okeke advised fans not to be envious of actors, stating that their sufferings were invisible because they dress up like a bag of money when they appear at movie premieres.

Okeke via his Instagram handle wrote: “The pay is peanuts, the food is whack, the working conditions are gruesomely slave-like. But come the day of the Red carpet premier.

“We all dress up looking like a bag of money. It does not add up joor!”

Okeke noted that the flashy lifestyle seen at award shows, movie premieres is just packaging.


“Award season is coming again. You’ll see all of us looking like peacocks on the red carpet. Like a bag of money. Don’t envy anyone oh. Na packaging. Na wash.

“Now dem don even dey give money for best dressed. Taking the light away from the film wey dem come to appraise. You Ign’ant (Ignorant) like the Americans would say, We’z be Ign’ant.

“Because filmmaking is a collaborative sport until it’s time to share money. Are we not in a pandemic of greed. Abeg makes I go brush my teeth. My mouth dey smell,” his post read.

Recall that Adunni Ade in her recent interview also raised alarm over their poor earnings.



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