Comedian Nasty Blaq calls for prayers as he battles unknown illness

Written by on February 28, 2024

Popular comedian Nasty Blaq took to Instagram to share the news of his illness to his fans, stating that he needed to take a break, and that his fans should pray for him.

He shared a picture of himself receiving treatment, and in his caption, he wrote,

“At this point I can’t fight it anymore I need a break ..pls pray for me” Nasty Blaq did not mention the illness affecting his health, but there’s a possibility that it stress related because he mentioned that he needed a break.

Nasty Blaq’s post calling for help as he battles unknown illness.

The break Nasty Blaq intends to take us probably from his job as a comedian and a skit maker. He is one of the most consistent skit makers in Nigeria, and often posts contents online on a weekly basis. The work he puts into creating videos probably took a toll on his health, hence the break.

Despite the fact that Nasty Blaq’s career as a comedian and skit maker has its cons, he has still enjoyed some pros. For example, he has been able to afford to buy a house at such a young age. Also, Nasty Blaq has driven a lot of luxury cars over the years, and this is because of the money generated from being a comedian and skit maker.

Apart from comedy, Nasty Blaq has also served as a brand ambassador for various brands in Nigeria, and this has helped to boost his net worth over the years. He has also been a collector of many awards that appreciate his work as a comedian.

Nasty Blaq’s rise to fame wasn’t an overnight thing because he has been in the industry for a long time. One thing that made him stand out was his style of comedy which included a lot of dancing, and subsequently, dressing up like a lady.


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