Written by on February 28, 2024

Nigerian Singer Jaywon has strongly criticized his fellow musicians, Burna Boy and Odumodublvck, for their statement that nobody assisted them in their rise to fame in the music industry.

During an interview with Teju Babyface, Jaywon expressed disbelief at the notion, stating that it’s unreasonable for artistes to deny the influence and support of predecessors in their careers.

He emphasized the importance of recognizing those who paved the way for others in the industry.

Jaywon challenged the idea that inspiration and mentorship are irrelevant, highlighting the role of predecessors in setting examples and providing opportunities for aspiring artistes.

Referring specifically to Burna Boy’s comments, Jaywon condemned the notion as absurd, equating it to claiming no form of inspiration or guidance influenced his own development as an artiste.


“Burna is the same thing, talented, and everything. It’s like Burna saying no one paved the way for him. How do you say that? It’s a very wrong thing to say. It is madness, it’s like saying when you were little till no one inspired you.

People will say someone inspired you, is different from someone opening doors for you. Tell me, if someone didn’t do it first, where did people from behind learn it from”

Furthermore, Jaywon directed criticism towards Odumodublvck for echoing similar sentiments, suggesting that such remarks disregard the contributions of established artistes to the broader music community.

He revealed the hypocrisy by proposing a scenario where an emerging artiste from Abuja dismisses Odumodublvck’s influence, emphasizing the need for artistes to acknowledge the collective efforts that shape the industry.

“I love Odumodublvck even if his music is not all that. How will Odumodublvck feel if an artiste blows up from Abuja and says Odumodu didn’t pave the way for him”.


It is madness for Burna Boy to say no one paved the way for him.

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