Dr Roy – I wasn’t trolling Mercy Chinwo, but Eezee Tee

Written by on April 23, 2024

Dr Roy

Renowned music producer Dr. Roy recently revealed that gospel sensation Mercy Chinwo remained unaware of the unjust treatment he faced during their tenure at a former record label.

Dr. Roy, in a recent episode of The Honest Bunch Podcast, alongside popular on-air personality Nedu Ani and other guests, shared insights into his time at Eezee Concept Records. Formerly headed by Ezekiel ThankGod, also known as EeZee Tee, the label allegedly subjected Dr. Roy to unfair practices.

Despite his significant contributions, including producing hits like ‘Excess Love,’ Dr. Roy claimed his financial dues were withheld by the label boss. This occurred approximately seven years ago, during Chinwo’s association with the record label.

The revelation adds depth to the complexities within the music industry, highlighting issues of fairness and transparency in artist-label relationships. Dr. Roy’s account underscores the importance of ethical conduct and fair treatment for all stakeholders involved in the creative process.


“For the onset, Mercy did not know what was happening,” Dr Roy said.

“I don’t know what made Mercy leave but I won’t be surprised if what happened to me also happened to Mercy Chinwo too.

“For Mercy’s sake, I don’t know how he (EeZee Tee) has painted me before her so I didn’t let her know the maltreatment.”

Dr Roy said someone close to him “reached out to Mercy that my father had died. Mercy then called me, sent me money, and sent money to my mother. She said she did not know that my father was sick. She even did not know what I was facing under him (EeZee Tee).”

The music producer also released a video on his Instagram clarifying what he said on the podcast.


“I deeply respect her talent and character. My remarks were aimed at the record label owner I worked for. Mercy Chinwo helped me when my father had a stroke, she helped me when he died,” he stated.

Dr. Roy denied the allegations that Mercy Chinwo refused to assist him at any point.

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