UCL: Thierry Henry names PSG’s greatest ever player

Written by on May 8, 2024

UCL: Thierry Henry names PSG’s greatest ever player

UCL: Thierry Henry names PSG’s greatest ever player

Former Arsenal captain Thierry Henry recently hailed Kylian Mbappe as Paris Saint-Germain’s most exceptional player to date. Despite his typically influential presence, Mbappe couldn’t lead PSG to victory as they were knocked out by Borussia Dortmund in the semi-finals on Tuesday. The Ligue 1 champions suffered a 2-0 aggregate defeat, failing to score in both legs of the tie.

Mbappe’s performance in the Champions League has sparked speculation about his future with the club. It’s widely rumored that the talented forward, who hails from Paris, could be on his way to Real Madrid in the upcoming summer transfer window.

Henry’s endorsement of Mbappe’s significance in PSG’s history underscores the French forward’s impact on the team. Mbappe’s blend of speed, skill, and goal-scoring prowess has made him a standout performer, not only for PSG but also on the international stage with the French national team.

As PSG contemplate their next moves following their Champions League exit, Mbappe’s potential departure looms large, leaving fans and pundits alike curious about the next chapter in his career and its implications for both PSG and Real Madrid.

But Henry said on CBS Sports: “Kylian Mbappe, we all know he is leaving. He was magnificent for PSG.

“You [Mbappe] can leave this club with your head held really high.


“It’s not everyone that can win everywhere, especially the Champions League. But the big man played really well all his career for PSG so I am not going to judge him personally on not winning the Champions League.”

When asked if he considers Mbappe to be PSG’s greatest ever player, Henry added: “It’s not even a discussion. The impact he had all over the world, what he has been doing; for me, yes. He will go down as the best player for PSG.”

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