Mike Ezuruonye Reveals His Desire To Win An Oscar Award

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Nigerian actor Mike Ezuruonye shares his desires to receive an Oscar. The actor revealed that the award takes you to a whole different level

Popular Nollywood actor, Mike Ezuruonye, has shared is opinion on cinematography and storytelling in Nigerian movies. The actor revealed that the movie industry has improved over the years and could earn international recognition in due course.

In an interview with NAN, Ezuruonye noted that Nollywood movies have stuck to originality over the years. The star gave the interview during the private screening of his upcoming movie “Lagos Real Fake Life”.

Ezuruonye also stated that the Academy Awards is one of the accomplishments that every actor aims for. He further expressed hope to be nominated for the award one day.

He said:

“Everything about Nollywood movies has vastly improved over the years and the movies that come out have great cinematography, editing and ticks all the right boxes. Nollywood movies have stuck to its originality while still improving in other ways and we are the best in Africa in terms of everything that concerns movie production.

The Academy Awards, which is also known as the Oscar, is an award that every actor wants to get because it takes you to a whole different level and I’m pretty sure that our movies would soon be nominated for it”.

Ezuruonye, who directed Lagos Real Fake Life, said the movie would help in addressing the pressures of living fake lifestyles which is common among youths.

The actor said: “The movie would help in addressing the societal pressure of living fake lifestyles amongst youths and correct that notion. People must understand that living fake lifestyles are really expensive to maintain than a real one so we must always strive to be ourselves in all ramifications”.

The movie would expose the mistakes most youths are fond of making and help the people to understand that fake grass is greener than the real ones.


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