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Max Drive

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With Abuja’s hottest drive time duo- Omodia and Ella, we invite our listeners to an upbeat, exciting and engaging world of radio. We begin the show with the new word alert where listeners learn new words and the meaning.

We understand that the beginning of the week can be stressful, a segment was created on Mondays called the Vent- Mondays where listeners get to blow off some steam. OnTuesday- Would you rather/ Hot Topic is a segment where we ask questions with two options and get listeners opinions. It’s the mid-week and excitement spurs upwith Gender Wars, a segment where we ask questions on relationships and listeners get to pick sides. Thursday – Throwback experiences, here listeners call in to share funny throwback diverse experiences. Friday – Who’s hotter? During this segment, we put two artists head to head and allow listeners to vote and pick the winner.

In order to engage our listeners, we introduced the facts and game shows with different segments on different days:

  • Did you know facts- a segment where we give unpopular but true facts about general things.
  • Spot the beat- We scramble a portion of an instrumental and ask listeners to guess the artist and the song.
  • Tongue Twister Thursday -Brain tease/ Riddles
  • Know your celebrity- segment where we let listeners in on amazing facts of celebrities

We end the drive with trending stories in the entertainment world.

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