Nollywood has saved many Nigerians from depression – Innocent Abu

Written by on November 14, 2018

Nollywood actor, Innocent Abu has called on Nigerians to show support for Nigeria movies. According to him, the industry has saved many lives and is also the source of livelihood of many families.

Innocent Abu made this known when he was interviewed during the shoot of a new movie.

“Truth is we have come a long way even though I won’t brag that we are topnotch or in equality with Hollywood and Bollywood, but we continue to strive to be better despite the challenges in the country, which even our viewers face irrespective of their various field of endeavours”, Abu said.

He continues; “Lately you must have been seeing a couple of movies which can be ranked or almost ranked alongside those of Hollywood, so we are trying. But I will appeal to everyone not to stop believing in us for the fact that we at least help people keep their boredom away; we keep Nigerians entertained which in turned must have helped many avoid falling into a state of depression due to the hardship in the country. We should not underestimate the impact of our movies at all.”


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