Kim Kardashian on Whether She and Kanye West Are Ready for Baby No. 4 (Exclusive)

Written by on December 5, 2018

Kim Kardashian West may have a little makeup mogul in the making!

ET’s Lauren Zima spoke with the reality star at her new KKW Beauty and Fragrance pop-up shop at South Coast Plaza in Costa Mesa, California, on Tuesday, where she opened up about daughter North’s love for cosmetics — and revealed whether the 5-year-old could take over her beauty empire.

“I actually had to put her on our P.R. list and get her own set of makeup this time, because she destroys all of mine when she sees it, and then I can’t use it for myself,” Kim confessed. “So, she definitely loves makeup. If she loves it enough, she can definitely take it over, whatever she wants to do [when] she is old enough, she can do.”

“But her new favorite thing ever is…closing the door [to her room] with one of her friends or her dolls and doing makeovers. No one can see until the final look is done or she will freak out and cry,” she shared. “She loves a before and after.”

North’s makeovers have made several appearances on Kim’s social media, despite some fans’ criticism of letting her daughter play around or wear makeup.


“I feel like my parents were a little bit more strict on me wearing makeup at that age. I had more play makeup that didn’t really work. So as long as we keep everything clean and don’t make too much of a mess on things, I’m fine with her expressing herself and having fun with it,” Kim said. “It’s not like we are going out and she wants a full face of makeup. It is just at home and playing.”

“Honestly, the process of coming up with an eyeshadow palette or my loose pigments or Flashing Lights collection, there are so many samples that come before the final one, so I don’t like to waste the samples,” she added. “I just give them to her and she can play around with it.”

One thing Kim is wary about, however, is putting North in a KKW Beauty ad, though her younger daughter, Chicago, appeared in one in October. “I would get destroyed [if North was in one wearing makeup]!” she admitted. “They would say that is so inappropriate!”

“Sometimes I get surprised by things, where I wouldn’t even pick up on [what upsets people]. But usually I know and I’ll even have to call photographers and say, ‘You know what? I really think that someone is going to say something about this. Can we tweak this?'” she explained.

For now, Kim is focused on balancing her business instincts with her motherly ones. “Three is a lot [of kids],” she told ET, but added “you never know” if she and husband Kanye West will decide to have a fourth.


“Everyone needs your attention today. I was a little bit late because my son is sick and he didn’t want me to leave. It’s so hard,” she expressed. “I do want to make sure that I have enough time for everybody because having kids is just… there is no way to describe it, but it is a lot.”


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“My mom kind of prepped me [for what having three kids was like], and it was crazy because when everyone found out that I was having a third, everyone had a crazy story… like, ‘Two was great, but three, you are outnumbered. You are exhausted’… Like, all of these nightmare stories,” Kim said. “[Having a brother for Saint] would be nice. It really would, but I’m very full right now.”

And on Tuesday, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star’s plate was full with her new KKW Beauty pop-up.

“It is going to be here a little longer than the last [pop-up in Century City, and for] probably double the time. It’s so exciting because it just looks so good,” she gushed of the store, adding that it’s her “goal” to have a more permanent location.

“That would be the ultimate dream,” she revealed. “I learn so much when my products are in retail… you can actually smell the fragrance. It has been a journey and it’s so exciting we have been able to pull that off selling fragrance online without even smelling it, or contour or concealers, but you can feel it all here.”


“I’m excited that you can test it all out here and have someone that works here come color match you and get your perfect color,” Kim added.


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