BBNaija 2021: Big Brother declares a week of no nominations and orders Maria to keep a secret.

Written by on August 17, 2021

With Big Brother’s game-changing narrative surprise, the show has become even more exciting. Rather than the expected nomination games, Biggie surprised Head of House Maria with a different twist.

Maria wins head of house game.

Maria was called to the diary room shortly after nominating Boma as her deputy head of  house.

She was informed that there will be no evictions this Sunday.

The Head of House, on the other hand, must convince the housemates that she will be tasked with using a scoring system to rank the housemates for the week. On Sunday, she will remove two of her housemates who have failed to impress her.

While the show will go on for another week, it’s worth noting that there will be no evictions or public voting on Sunday. Big Brother also threatened Maria with terrible penalties if she told the housemates about the plot twist, as well as a reward if she didn’t.


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