Regina Daniels tearfully mourns late colleague, Junior Pope

Written by on April 16, 2024

Nollywood star Regina Daniels has expressed her grief over the loss of fellow actor Junior Pope.

Last week, tragic news surfaced that Junior Pope had passed away in a drowning accident while returning from a movie shoot with his colleagues on a boat at Anam River in Anambra State. Reports indicated that he briefly regained consciousness and underwent a cleansing ritual at the Water Shrine before being taken to the hospital, where he eventually succumbed.

His untimely demise sparked a wave of sorrow, with many directing criticism towards Adanma Luke, who was with him at the time.

Regina Daniels, taking to her Instagram, shared poignant moments captured with Junior Pope on set, with his family, and alongside his event planner wife. In her tribute, she emphasized that his legacy lies in the love and support he shared with those closest to him.

Following his passing, Ruth Kadiri publicly thanked Regina Daniels, her mother Rita Daniels, AGN President Emeka Rollas, and others for their efforts to save Junior Pope’s life.


Numerous colleagues joined in mourning on social media platforms, while some voiced grievances against Adanma Luke.

Ini Edo criticized the industry’s lack of structure, lamenting that Junior Pope’s death underscores the urgent need for regulation to ensure safety in production.

Sarah Martins and Doris Ogala also condemned Adanma, with the latter calling for her arrest and criticizing AGN’s alleged protection of her.

In response, The Actors Guild of Nigeria issued a statement, prohibiting actors and actresses from participating in Adanma Luke’s projects until further notice. Her film, which tragically claimed Junior Pope’s life and others, has been halted indefinitely.

Yvonne Jegede pointed out that Junior Pope’s death might have been prevented had he worn a life jacket or if Nollywood productions had better safety measures.

Adanma Luke, breaking her silence, clarified that she had provided life jackets and expressed her disbelief at the tragedy, stating that it still feels unreal to her. She revealed her ongoing trauma and self-blame, regretting her absence on the boat where her brother and his two children were also supposed to be.


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