Barcelona To Sue Neymar Again!

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Barcelona To Sue Neymar Again!

Futbol Club Barcelona, we regret to inform you, are at it again.

With Josep Bartomeu gone and talk of Lionel Messi wanting out dying down a little bit, fans will have been hoping for a drama-free season, however, this doesn’t appear to be the case.

A tax mistake saw Barca overpay the Brazilian £9m during his first couple of years on their payroll. This became known after a tax inspection showed the error and that the club is out for a refund.

Barca has been notified that the money will be a ‘donation’ from club to player if the matter is unresolved.

Neymar spent four years at Barcelona, becoming the most expensive player when he departed for Paris Saint-Germain.

If Barca follows through, it won’t be the first time they enter a legal battle with Neymar. He was forced to pay £5.9m after losing a case in which he claimed the club owed him £38m.

The news ends a bad week for Neymar who also had his Twitch account shut down after leaking Richarlison’s phone number.

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