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Following a thorough two hours, Seyi rose as the champ of the current week’s task to turn into the head of the house.

The game which was definitely challenged by every one of the housemates was one intriguing task to watch.

The errand included housemates moving a tennis ball on a tight way with the guide of only one finger.

The first housemate who took the challenge was Seyi who in the end got the quickest score.

Jackye was disqualified for contacting the ball with two fingers.


Five of the new housemates attempted yet were not ready to complete the test at

the stipulated 6 minutes with the exception of Joe. Different housemates to have

approached Seyi’s score were Joe, Omashola and Mercy.


In the wake of winning, Biggie declared that Seyi would be given 250 coins and

the ‘head of house’ room. As standard, he was approached to choose somebody to share the ‘head of house’ benefits.

Seyi requested to choose two individuals to which Biggie declined. Shockingly he chose Esther,

a choice which was cheered by different housemates. Seyi is the fifth housemate in the Big Brother house.



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